Stanislava Stefanova, Ph.D.


1975 - Master of Science degree in Biology from the Sofia University, Faculty of Biology
1980 - Patent Specialist at the Sofia Technical University
1998 - Appraiser with the Bulgarian Privatization Agency
1992, 1999, 2000- Specializations in European Patent Office

Scientific Activity

1990 - Doctorate in Law on Protection recombinant DNA structures
Author of more than 20 scientific publications

Professional Background

1976 - 2003 - State examiner on Biotechnology and New Plant Varieties and Animal Breeds
2000 - Expert before the Court, Certificate No. 626
2003 - Industrial property representative, Certificate No. 199
2003 - European Patent Attorney, EPO No. 132870
2004 - Plant variety attorney, Ministry of Agriculture


English, Russian


AIPPI - International Association for Intellectual Property Protection
EPI - European Patent Institute
UPSB - Union of Patent Specialists in Bulgaria
UPBE - Union of Private Bulgarian Entrepreneurs

Patent & Trademark Attorneys for Bulgaria and Europe

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