Trade and Service Marks

What is mark?

A Mark is a sign distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and can be represented graphically. Any distinctive element such as words, letters, numerals, figures, shape of goods or of their packaging, a combination of colours, sound signals or any combination of them can be used as mark.

The mark may be a trademark, service mark, collective mark or certification mark.

Why filing application for mark registration?

Only a mark registration can ensure the exclusive rights over the mark.

The period of protection is 10 years, but a trademark can be renewed indefinitely beyond the time limit for of additional fees.

How to file an application for a mark?

The rights applied for cannot be the same as, or similar to, rights already granted to another trademark owner. This may be determined through a preliminary search carried up by a trademark attorney.

What do I need to file an application?

Documents you need:

How long would it take?

The official procedure takes approximately 12 - 14 months after filing the application.

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