Appraisal of Non-Tangible Assets

Regardless of whether the intellectual property rights are patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs or know-how, the exploitation of these intellectual property rights is perhaps most easily, effectively and profitably achieved by the licensing of their use and exploitation to third parties. Professions and entire industries are created around the licensing of intellectual property. The importance of the assessment of the value of intellectual property assets is recognised by different World organisations as WTO (by TRIPS Agreement, 1994); EU and WIPO.

Whilst licensing is somewhat of a generic term, there are certain issues that concern all forms of licensing and which it is important to properly deal with if a commercial venture is to be successful. The key issues include Valuation, Income, Structure (including Taxation) and Post- termination Restrictions. All these activities are on the Agency’s Service- the licenses for apprising non- tangible assets are granted with the Bulgarian Privatization Agency. And it permits the Partners to serve as Experts before the Court.

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